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Web Consultation

Custom Consulting &

Special Projects

Completely Custom Consulting

This Custom Consulting service is flexible to fit your needs and requests, and adapts over time to stay relevant. We get to know you and your team, as much as is necessary. We work with decision makers, stakeholders and contributors and bring decades of experience.

Who Can Benefit From Custom Consulting?

  •  Small teams, business departments or entire organizations.

  • People who need more productive time.

  • Teams that waste hours every month updating reports.

  • Decision makers looking for a better solution.

  • Executives who want more from their direct reports.

By Project

or Retainer

Fees vary

What We Help With

Microsoft Office

Excel - Outlook - PowerPoint

Microsoft 365 & Power Apps

Teams - Planner - Power Query

Power Automate (Flow) - Power BI​

One-click Report Updates

Custom Excel Add-ins & Functions

Outlook Rules & Automations

Dashboards & Data Insights

Data Wrangling & Concentrating

Consulting to Get More Done

Adaptable &


Email, Zoom

or In-Person

Special Project


On-going Support

As You Need It

Why Consulting Works

I strive to provide value to you, to make future collaboration a no-brainer. A consulting contract is great when you feel "there must be a better way."

We design our ways of working to fit your needs, which might include live, hands-on assistance, email support, project work, coding, etc. I can always be reached to answer any questions you have. We will deliver impactful results together.


 I want to help you! I have many ideas and examples to give you more productive time. Instead of "Googling" around trying to figure it out, let's get work!

Consulting - How it Works

Beginning with an intro call, we discuss the project need or options for longer term support. We will agree on a scope of work and sign an agreement.

Working together can be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer. We regular calls or email communication, you will always know where the work stands.

Once we sign the contacts, work can begin immediately. Depending on your requirements, we will spend some on-boarding time getting connected to your systems or sharing necessary files. I've been using and growing with Microsoft for 20 years and I'm excited to share my knowledge with you!


"You are at the magical intersection of people, process and technology optimization by leveraging and acting on data and automation."

—  Joe, Senior Account Director

Louisiana, USA

Telecommunications company

Fortune 500 and S&P 500 member 

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