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Mark Suchomel, PhD

Chief Efficiency Officer

I live for optimizing the process, making workflows more efficient and effective.  For 15 years, I’ve helped optimize manufacturing plants in the Pulp & Paper, Agribusiness and Petrochemicals industries (worth hundreds of millions of dollars).  Today I help engineers, managers, educators and business executives get the most out of their tools, specifically Microsoft 365 and the Power Suite, enabling them to be more effective and save tons of time.

Give yourself an extra week of vacation this year

by saving just 10 minutes per day!

Engineered Workflows helps individuals, teams and business owners use their software tools more effectively so they can focus on what they do best.  Do you spend time creating reports?  Do you repeatedly copy/paste data?  What about a special formula?  Do you repeat your "process" every week? month? at year-end?  Do you spend a chunk of your day working on spreadsheets or email?  There are better ways, and I can help you!  I can create the simplification for you or help you learn to do it yourself.

We implement tools that simplify your life.

Need to simplify a workflow?  Contact us!

We see a world where individuals and businesses enjoy their work - where they look forward to month-end reports because the process is so simple, it's fun! We see clients solving problems by asking better questions because we get the software out of the way. We enable individuals and businesses to realize their full potential.


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