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Single-Click Portfolio Rebalancing.

Current Version: 2021.0

Works With: Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & Office 365 (with desktop app installed)

Licensing: Single-user, please contact us for bulk or group licensing



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When did you last balance your portfolio?

Rebalancing a portfolio is a common investing practice wherein each element of the portfolio (a stock or equity or ETF, etc.) is targeted towards a specific portion of the group's total value.  That portion is the 'weight' each individual element holds in the portfolio.  As markets move naturally over time, these weights change. 


Let's take a simple example of Apple and Southwest Airlines, ticker symbols AAPL and LUV, respectively.

Let's say on June 14, 2019 we bought 5 shares of AAPL at $192 each and 20 shares of LUV at $52 each.  Our holdings would have then been valued at $960 and $1040, respectively.  On June 14, our AAPL position had a weight of 48% (960 divided by 960+1040) and LUV was 52%.

Financial Times, Newspaper, Stock

Fast forward to end of 2019, December 31st.  Apple shares closed the year at $293.65 while Southwest closed at $53.98.  At these prices, AAPL is now over 57% of our portfolio, while LUV has fallen to less than 43%.  In this case, we could decide to rebalance the portfolio, maybe closer to our original 52/48 weights or perhaps simply 50/50.  This Excel tool provides guidance on exactly how to do that.

(Pure) Integer Linear Programming, or ILP

The Portfolio Rebalance tool use integer linear programming to calculate the whole number of shares to buy or sell to bring the individual positions as close as possible to their desired (or "target") weights.  The objective function includes two main parts: reduce the number of transactions (minimize fees paid) and maximize amount of capital employed (have maximum funds invested).

No portfolio? Design one!

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ADD a stock, ETF, currency pair, etc. to the portfolio.


REMOVE a stock, ETF, currency pair, etc. to the portfolio.


Re-weight the elements of the portfolio to be equal.

Reset the calculation and start fresh!

Get Up and Running Fast

Only a few inputs are required to rebalance your portfolio:

  • Company name or symbol

  • Desired portfolio weights

  • Amount of cash available to invest

  • Broker transaction cost (many are $0!)

You'll be up and running in minutes!


Everything on 1 Screen

See everything at a glance.  Change since the last rebalance, current positions and weights, trades, it's all there!


Clear Actions to Move Forward


Take clear, decisive action!  The Trades column plainly summarizes what needs to happen to bring the portfolio to your desired allocation.  The Transaction column shows the debit or credit amount to your account as a result of taking the action (including commissions).  This is to confirm where your $$ is moving, providing CONFIDENCE!

Your Purchase is Protected - Future Updates are Included FREE!

All purchases of tools offered by Engineered Workflows are future proof.  You cannot buy too early!  Any and all future updates of this tool are included with your purchase.  When an update becomes available, you will get a new file automatically!

Click the BUY NOW button, and rebalance your portfolio in the next 10 minutes!



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Investment Disclaimer

We (Engineered Workflows) are not an investment or financial advisor.  The tools and strategies discussed here are not recommendations for action, but rather starting points for your own research.  You should take independent financial advice from a professional.  Our financially-related tools are intended to empower you to do your own research and investigations so you can have a better, more informed conversation with your financial advisor or tax professional.

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