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Affordable Excel Services That Will

Make Your Work Efficient & Effective

Excel Services

Two great options for Excel consulting services.

Hourly Consulting

Hands-on, live learning and problem solving.

Special Project &

Professional Services

Completely custom package.

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Excel Services

I'm sure you're not new to Microsoft Excel. However, most people barely scratch the surface using Excel. If you spend the majority of your Excel time using the software, instead of answering questions, I can help you tremendously! Excel today has many powerful features that many don't even know exist. Power Query, Power Pivot, Pivot Tables, Excel Tables, Dynamic Arrays, VBA. If you're not using these features, let's chat. I LOVE the lightbulb moment when you see the how much easier your work will become.

Excel Consulting Services that will Expand Your Capacity

As an Excel expert, I have helped countless colleagues, employees, entrepreneurs and teams not only improve their working efficiency, but increase their capacity to get more done. I can help get the software out of the way so you can become more effective everyday.

Virtual Excel Help on Demand

I work around the globe thanks to virtual and remote connections. I don't need to visit your office to create elegant solutions that answer your business questions.

Cost-Effective Excel Consulting Services

You already have Excel. I don't sell software, I simply help you get more out of what you already have. I always utilize Excel's built-in features for robust, long-lasting solutions. I will help with additional customization, if we agree it to be necessary.


"You are at the magical intersection of people, process and technology optimization by leveraging and acting on data and automation."

—  Joe, Senior Account Director


Fortune 500 and S&P 500 member 

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